Storm King's Thunder

Dear Burnam

A recounting of the new realm.

Dear Burnam,

You'll never believe the story this giant just told me. He is a real giant, not like Big Tim. I have started to call him Smelly Tim, because of where he keeps his tools. But in prison, I was glad he was smart about hiding them from the guards. I wouldn't have searched there. And those tools came in handy a few times. But this other giant—says his name is Zephyros—is huge, a full three times a man's height. And blue. And very old, if he tells it true. His beard is long enough, and white as clouds.

Zephyros says he does magic, and I believe him because I've never been in a floating castle before. Did I mention I woke up with Smelly Tim in a huge, floating castle? The giant makes it float with magic. Really does! I asked him about it one day. He says he uses magic to look into other worlds with magic, and he spoke to you that way. He asked you to send him heroes, because the giants (there are many of them!) need help restoring order in their world.

I know you're a kind old man, and wouldn't turn down a plea for help, or send us without reason. I just wish I'd had time to say goodbye to mother and father, and know they were safe from the war. I worry that no one is safe, after seeing that awful beast come out of nowhere and claw through our soldiers like a scythe through ripe wheat.

I wouldn't have believed any of the giant's story if I hadn't seen you use magic on that last day, behind the inner wall of Bayton, fending off that creature and saving us. This, and the strange things I've seen back home and in this strange new place, make me realize even your most far-fetched stories are true. And you sent my uncle's flute, for which I'm very grateful. I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Burnam.

Did I mention there are two others who awakened us, and spoke to the giant? I think they are coming with us on our quest. I'm sorry, I'm not very good with names. But there's a lady knight with noble bearing and a bird-like aspect to her, I'd swear it. And a strange woods-elf who likes talking about trees and, oddly, chairs. I think if we found him either of those things, he'd be a nice enough fellow to talk to.

I hope you and everyone are safe, and I will keep writing these so I can tell you a story for once, when we get back!


zaxehammer jrexnola

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